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Kurierfahrten für Dokumente, Ersatzteile
und bis zu 3 Europaletten
in ganz NRW und bundesweit / europaweit.

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peter matisPM Kurierservice, based in Duisburg, carries out urgent courier services as well as point-to-point and special deliveries for companies operating on an international level. Our courier service transports and forwards your shipments (documents, parcels, small goods, hifi units, high-end devices or even high quality loudspeakers) quickly, reliably and inexpensively.

Our range of courier services which covers not only the whole of Germany but also all of Europe encompasses:

  • Supra-regional express transport, special and point-to-point deliveries.
  • We deliver spare-parts, goods and smaller items to building sites.
  • Messenger services, express deliveries for companies, trade fairs, and congresses.
  • Fetch and carry services (e.g. suitcase transport, tickets, important documents).
  • Additional services which effectively complement our courier business!
  • We’ll find the right solution for your problem! We set ourselves challenges which substantiate this claim on a daily basis.

Express & Point-to-Point Deliveries

Transporting goods by means of point-to-point delivery is the quickest and safest way of getting parcels, small goods and other products or even important documents to a company or to the authorities.

kurierfahrten mit lieferwagen pkw kurierfahrten

The time-factor often proves to be decisive so that situations can arise in which it becomes necessary to employ a courier services to ensure that goods are quickly delivered.

Under such circumstances PM Kurierservice can step in. We offer diverse, quick and reliable delivery services at national and international level (e.g. the Netherlands, Europe). For example, just think if your company, your assembly workers or field workers did not have enough material for the job; if work had ground to a halt due to not having enough building components on site!

For foreign companies with contracts or subsidiaries in Germany we offer a collection service for goods or small consignments from Düsseldorf Airport and/or Cologne-Bonn Airport, or other national or international delivery services. In such cases it is worthwhile engaging a professional courier service to carry out point-to-point deliveries.

We would be happy to develop special new delivery and transport concepts for your individual requirements.

Contracts & Courier Services:

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For urgent contracts and/or courier services which have to be carried out without delay, we would always advise that inquiries be made in German by telephone in order to avoid possible waiting periods and thus speedup order processing and execution.

We look forward to receiving your order inquiries!

Your courier service

P.S. our company also provides other services in which you may be interested.